TECSON GmbH & Co. KG will be releasing its innovative Tankspion-IoT product for sale in May. This new, battery-powered remote oil tank measurement system reports the daily updated inventory data of the respective customer tank to an IoT web server.

With the Tankspion-IoT, the tank operator, as your customer, can read the current number of liters and the amount of free space in the tank on a daily basis via smartphone app. If the heating oil dealer has received the access rights from his customer, he will also be able to see the customer tank. He then obtains an overview of the customer’s inventory via his OilView system login. This allows for the submission of a tailored offering to the customer at a favorable time of refueling.

Mr. Petersen (TECSON) with the battery-powered Tankspion-IoT

The unique characteristic of this solution is that the device works with internal battery. Therefore, retrofitting heating oil or diesel tanks is quick and easy. A precise and failsafe immersion probe is inserted into the tank and connected to the Tankspion-IoT reporting device. The NB-IoT cellular network is used for remote data reporting. The internal SIM card is designed for data volume for 10 years and the powerful lithium-ion battery lasts for more than 5 years. The fees for measurement data provision for the smartphone app are 24,- EUR per year.

The device transmits the current measured value to the IoT server on a daily basis. With the “extended” version, the device can also report every two hours, for example for tanks with high throughput. This weatherproof device solution is also predestined for outdoor tanks (Diesel) or for underground tanks. For more detailed information about the Tankspion-IoT, please visit www.tecson.de/tankspion-iot.html. TECSON will also be happy to send you printed product flyers for your customer approach.

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