Your customers are already digital

Anyone who thinks that their own customers in the heating oil or pellet trade have no need for digital offers, was far from having them. 91 % of Germans between the ages of 50 and 59 are using the internet, while 79 % of those aged between 60 and 69 and even 45 % of those over the age of 70, the German D21 Digital Index 2018/19 shows.

For all younger age groups, internet use is 98 % or 99 %. What is referred to as the typical clientele of the heating oil traders is to a large extent digital and the annual share increases by up to 5 %.

Online shopping is more than a trend

“Almost one in four Germans handles more than half of their purchases online,” says the Postbankstudy “Digital Germans 2019”. On average, 29% of purchases made by Germans in all age groups are online, and among the younger under 40 years, 36%.

Why not buy heating oil and pellets online? For the younger homeowner, but also for the classical target group, this is becoming more and more natural. The digital shopping experience, which is already familiar to consumers from other areas, is a real growth market for the industry, as the demand from regular customers has long been there – but it also wants to be served.

For small and medium-sized companies, however, this task is far too big to handle on their own. Long development times and high investment costs have  hitherto prevented them from responding to the growing customer demand.

Aupris is an efficient and comprehensive industry solution

In order not to let this potential out in the future, there is Aupris. The software has been developed specifically for energy trading and the special needs of mineral oil and pellet trading. The heart of this price calculator is the automatic price control using an algorithm called “RPI Regio Price Index”. This
ensures fully automated that the sales prices are adapted to the changing market conditions outside
of business hours and at night.

“This is a crucial element: if you’re selling around the clock automatically, then you also have to make sure that the system also reacts automatically to price changes,” says Oliver Johne, Managing Director of Futures-Services GmbH. Aupris has grown bit by bit around this feature. In the meantime, the system can no longer be used exclusively online. Thanks to an integrated telephone price calculator, all functions are also available for traditional telephone sales.

Also in the current debate on climate neutrality and CO2 emissions Aupris offers simple solutions. At the click of a mouse, the purchased heating oil is made carbon-neutral and CO2 emissions are compensated by a system certified by the UN. The customer immediately receives a certificate with evidence of compensation, without any additional effort or effort.

New opportunities in marketing open promotional vouchers, for example, at Christmas or for an anniversary. The beauty of Aupris is that it grows with its customers and their demands and is constantly being extended with new features. “Of course, that’s fun in development, but above all it makes sure that the digitization industry can catch up quickly,” says Oliver Johne.


Simply test and get started right away

Anyone who wants to use the potential of digitization for themselves, or simply wants to get to know Aupris without obligation, is invited to a free test at any time – including briefing by your personal contact person.

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